Bulletins Information

COVID Related Closings & Protocol

During these unprecedented times, we recognize that your school or facility may need to close rather unexpectedly or last minute.

We will do our very best to work with you on these closures as it relates to credits.  We will not be able to issue any refunds, but we will attempt to apply some percentage of credit, once we have been notified of a  closure due to COVID.   Again, this will be a credit only to your Simply Gourmet account, no refunds will issued.  We appreciate your understanding.  

Our Protocol:

1.     We have significantly enhanced our cleaning and sanitation efforts on all employee touch points in addition to our already stringent health and sanitation policies. These include daily cleaning of all work areas, hand sanitation stations, and the proper use of head and hand covers like gloves, hair and beard nets. 
2.     We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting all internal offices and restrooms.
3.     We are ensuring all of our products received are handled with heightened Serv Safe food handling practices.
4.     We are asking employees who are sick to stay home. If anyone has a fever or becomes sick while at work, we will immediately release them to see their medical provider. 

Stay Healthy!