At Simply Gourmet, our goal is simple; to provide high quality food at a fair price and to exceed your service expectations.   Since 1998, we have been doing just that!  Our meals are nutritious, delicious and child friendly.  We look forward to serving you!

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  1. June 16, 2020 Update:

  2. We hope this note finds you all healthy and safe.

  3. We are delighted that day care centers and camps are finally able to re-open.

  4. We have resumed meal services and are looking forward to working with our customers again!

  5. Simply Gourmet  is following strict COVID guidelines in order to produce safe, healthy, touchless deliveries to our customers.

  6. Our catering services are also available!

  7. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  8. Welcome back!

  9. May 6, 2020 UPDATE:

  10. Simply Gourmet has partnered with the local American Red Cross to provide boxed meals to volunteers assisting our health care workers that are not able to go home at this time.  

  11. As you all by now have heard, schools will not resume until September 2020 at best.

  12. We have processed all credits for days not served and urge you to consider donating those credits to our Red Cross initiative.  

  13. We will continue to provide updates as we learn of any changes.

  14. We are hoping that our day care centers and summer camps will be able to resume on some level in the near future...but at  this point it is an unknown.  

  15. Please remain healthy as we continue to manage in these unprecedented times.   

  16. Remaining hopeful,

  17. The Team at Simply Gourmet

  18. April 16, 2020 UPDATE:

  19. Simply Gourmet continues to deliver and feed many deserving and/or needy folks! 

  20. Do you have a favorite group of first responders, health care workers, service staff, or someone just stuck at home???  

  21. We have been delivering individually boxed meals to many folks out there working tirelessly to fight this pandemic or just needing a "pick me up"....nothing puts a smile on a face like fresh chocolate chip cookies!

  22. If you have a group in mind or simply just want to do "something", call us and we will put the wheels in motion!

    Stay healthy as we all navigate these uncharted times.


    The Team at Simply Gourmet


  23. March 25, 2020 Update:

  24. We continue to provide delivered meal services to our "free & reduced" families in need.  We have been actively donating meals on a daily basis through your generous donations and our matching of those donations.  We have had some orders for meals "to-go", so we are thankful for that as well.  

  25. Unfortunately, the reality is that we are all suffering from these unprecedented losses.  

  26. We will continue to be a provider as long as we are needed and hope to weather this long storm....may you all stay healthy and remain faithful.....

  27. Warmly,

  28. The Team at Simply Gourmet

  29. ****************************************

  30. Here at Simply Gourmet, we recognize that we are all dealing with unprecedented times & events.  Our “norms” have been altered, but we all will be prompted to be resourceful and find ways to support each other amidst all of the uncertainty. 

  31. We would like to offer our meal services, but with a twist…. we will bring them to you!  And…we will deliver them for free! 

    We are offering breakfast, lunch & dinner combos which will include children’s favorites as well as our most popular adult items!


    Please click on our “CATERING” tab to view the details for our new line of:

                       “Combo Meals To Go”

  32. ****************************************************

  33. Simply Gourmet will remain open and be providing our catering / meal services.  

  34. We will continue to provide our normal scope of services.  We also will expand our services as needed to support clients whose needs have changed and where we can be of assistance.  ( ie bundled meal options for order, home deliveries etc...)  More information will be shared shortly about these expanded services.  

  35. In addition, we have re-emphasized the following areas as listed below:

  36. 1.     We have significantly enhanced our cleaning and sanitation efforts on all employee touch points in addition to our already stringent health and sanitation policies. These include daily cleaning of all work areas, hand sanitation stations, and the proper use of head and hand covers like gloves, hair and beard nets. 
    2.     We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting all internal offices and restrooms.
    3.     We are ensuring all of our products received are handled with heightened Serv Safe food handling practices.
    4.     We are asking employees who are sick to stay home. If anyone has a fever or becomes sick while at work, we will immediately release them to see their medical provider. 
    5.     Currently, we are not expecting any disruption in the service we provide. We are working closely with our customer base to ensure that we continue to serve you as we always have.
    6.     We will be working expeditiously to process all credits related to the closures reported.

  37. As always, be safe & stay healthy.

  38. Sincerely,
    The Team at Simply Gourmet

    1. ******************************************************

    2. Call us or visit our Catering Tab to learn more about our full line of services

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      1.                  Did you know.....

  • All of our produce that can be grown locally is              "farm to table" from local area farms; year round!
  • We receive fresh farm produce daily to serve to our customers.  ie. apples, lettuce, cucumbers, berries, peaches, plums, tomatoes etc...
  • Our products contain no additives or artificial ingredients & limited GMO's.  
  • Our breads are from a local bakery and baked fresh daily; never frozen.
  • All products used are free of nut ingredients
  • Our milk comes from a local dairy and is Hormone & rBST free
  • We select only the highest quality products & ingredients, Applegate Farms, Boars Head, Harvestland, Dr. Praeger's....  If we are not making it from scratch!!

  • If you ever want to see us in action....stop by!!!