Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this site, you agree to use the site for its intended purpose of ordering school lunches and/or other related catering services as provided by Simply Gourmet. You understand that any unauthorized use of the system, or misuse of the ordering process may result in a suspension or termination of your account.
Further, as a parent/caregiver/administrator, you understand that Simply Gourmet will make every attempt to keep nutritional information and allergy references on this site up-to-date, however, you as the parent/ caregiver/ administrator or anyone who uses your account to place orders understands you are responsible for ordering meals which meet the individual needs of your child (children) with regard to: nutrition, allergies, and food restrictions. Simply Gourmet assumes no liability for any orders placed.  Any orders placed through the Simply Gourmet website for food services are at the parents/ caregivers/ administrators discretion and such; any and all food service providers will be "held harmless" for any food products/ ingredients ordered on this website. It is the responsibility of the member ordering to review all necessary information prior to placing any orders.  

Please note that Simply Gourmet does not offer any refunds.  Account credits may be issued to the Simply Gourmet account only, based on company policy as noted under our bulletins.  Once lunches have been sent for the day, no credits will be issued for any reason.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please feel free to contact our kitchen at any time. Please refer to our bulletins page for additional information on policies and procedures.  Simply Gourmet reserves the right to make substitutions to menu items as needed based on product availability.  There is a handling fee applied to all financial transactions.  

It is our pleasure to serve you.